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Contactless Signature Drink Drop-Off Packages

Contactless Signature Drink Drop-Off Packages

We are now offering Signature Drink Drop-Off packages.

Bartending jobs in houston

Train with Event Management Houston for bartending jobs in Houston.

Event Management Houston is proud to offer a training program that gives you the tools, education, and experience you need to be a top bartender, server, kitchen attendant, or promotion agent in the service industry.

You will learn the methods and practices of the industry, gain product knowledge, and obtain a certificate of completion. You will also earn your TABC Seller/Server certification for bartending or barback positions, good for 2 years, and/or your Food Management Certification from the City of Houston. By the end of your training you will not only have your own bartending/server/kitchen supply kit and certificate, but will have on-the-job experience, as well. We do have peak seasons, but we also have bartending jobs in houston, and other work, throughout the year. You can earn money when you are available and be a part of our growing team.

Bartending Jobs in Houston

We are looking for responsible, dependable, smiling individuals that pride themselves on their service ability, and eagerness to work as a team.

To apply, simply create an account, choosing "associate/staff" when asked. Log in, and you'll see an "Apply Now" link in the left navigation menu. Complete and submit the application and we will review it.

We look forward to hearing from you!