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Bar Services for 40th Birthday

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Our Bar Services for this birthday party incorporated a lot of fun and new signature drinks, snacks and tasty shots.

In addition to our Bar Services was our staffing crew made up of bartenders, bar-backs, and floor servers. The most popular drink with this crowd had to be our Signature Cucumber Hibiscus Cocktail, and lets not forget about our tasty Signature Cupcake Shots which were enjoyed by almost everyone.

If guests weren't upstairs on the dance floor, they were downstairs enjoying poker a game. Some guest didn't mind walking to the bar, while many enjoyed having our server staff to serve them drinks, snacks, etc. Additional male model servers helped out our staffing team to serve guests as well. We also incorporated unique and tasty garnishes into our Bar Services like candied mango, orange, and ginger. Overall everyone had a lot of fun and we enjoyed being apart of it.

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Originally Posted 10 months ago
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