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Went really well! Thanks so much for your help and going the extra mile as always!

Bartending Services at Houston Rodeo Cookoff

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What a busy and exciting 3 days to be providing Bartending Services for the Turbine Heat cook-off team.

While our staff supplied Bartending Services to guests, the Turbine Heat crew were cooking up a storm, making delicious BBQ and seafood. With this years rodeo cook-off being the busiest so far, we had to prapare our bar stations appropriatly to keep up with the high number of guests. In addition to our staff providing basic mixed drinks, we also supplied each bar station with Signature Cocktails and garnishes, and stationed one of our custom bars for vip guests, which also had a (popular) shot station.

Our team was honored to cater the Bartending Services, and we were glad to have the opportunity to enjoy the live music and tasty food while serving Turbine Heat guests. We look forward to next years rodeo cook-off for Turbine Heat.

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Originally Posted 7 months ago
Last updated 7 months ago