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Went really well! Thanks so much for your help and going the extra mile as always!

Food and Drink Services for Open House

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  • remax office
  • guest conversation
  • garnishes
  • dessert
  • catering
  • flower decor
  • cypres photo camper
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We were grateful to be incorporated to provide our Food and Drink Services for a Remax open house party.

Along with our tasty Food and Drink Services, guests enjoyed trying out karaoke, taking fun pictures inside the Cypres Photo Camper, and exploring products provided by Remax sponsors.

We were happy to have such a great staffing crew to help us provide our Food and Drink Services. Guests were greeted outside by friendly bartenders with our refreshing Signature Cocktails and garnishes as well as our Signature Bar Snacks. Inside guests were provided with food like signature wings, caprese skewers, mini tamales, smoked meatballs and more. People didn't shy away from our tasty desserts like lavender lemon bites and Sueno tequila infused margarita cupcakes. Before the night was over guests recived fun giftbags with speakers, mini matli tequila bottles and more; provided by Remax Legacy Living .

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