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Management and Planning for Havana Birthday Party

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Our Management and Planning services were put to good use for a Havana themed 40th birthday party.

Incorporated in the Management and Planning, was arranging a 14 person Staffing team to assist in providing our event services thuought the night. Guests were greeted at the front door by our staff, while also being served a welcome shot by our staff to get the party started!

Upon entering, friends and family were welcomed with beautiful baloon decor and music ocastrated by a live DJ. Some of our Staff were positioned at the bar stations, providing Havana themed signature cocktails and margaritas. The event Management and Planning services also provided rentals such as cocktail tables and decor featuring cigarboxes used for floral display. We were so happy to be a part of this awesome birthday party for our long time clients and hope everyone had an awesome and memorable night

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Originally Posted 11 months ago
Last updated 11 months ago