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Went really well! Thanks so much for your help and going the extra mile as always!

Pop-up Bar Services for Tailgating Event

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This was our final game of the season to provide our Pop-up Bar Services for the A&M tailgates.

We all had such a blast going to these events providing Pop-up Bar Services, as well as rentals and staff. Almost can't believe its already over, it was a great experience for our staff; we had so much fun serving and getting to know everyone throughout the season.

This last tailgate of the season was especially busy, with a lot of people enjoying our Pop-up Bar Services. We are happy to have such a great staffing team to serve all these people. Services included Jello shots, macaroons, mixed baked nuts, home-made cookies, and Signature Infused Cocktails. We also served basic mixed drinks, beer and wine as a part of our bar service. A special thanks to Gary and Doug for including us this season. We look forward to another exciting tailgating season next year.

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Originally Posted 11 months ago
Last updated 11 months ago