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We’ve known Jessica for many years and have used her for numerous events. Her professionalism is impeccable. It is always chaotic before an event but...

Rentals and Staffing for a Holiday House Party

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We were glad to provide Rentals and Staffing services for a late evening Christmas party.

Rentals and Staffing services included a Bartender and Barback Staff, as well as a custom Portable Bar Rental, Glass Rentals, and Outdoor Heater Rentals. As a free of charge service we also incorporated Christmas themed lighting and decor for the bar station.

Family and friends gathered to enjoy this nice evening with food, and drinks served by an experienced bartender; Some deciding to lounge in the cozy outdoor patio space kept warm by our portable Outdoor Heater Rentals. Clients were very friendly and we appreciate the opportunity to serve.

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Originally Posted 1 year ago
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