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Went really well! Thanks so much for your help and going the extra mile as always!

Staffing and Rental Services for Fundraiser Event

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We were excited to supply our Bar Staffing and Rental Services for this group of friend's annual Memorial Fundraiser event.

Guests got to enjoy a night out and support the fundraiser by participating in an exciting poker tournament, which provided funds for Memorial Drive Elementary School.

As a part of our bar staffing and rental services, guests got to experience tasty shots and hand crafted cocktails made by our bartender staff, and our Pop-Up Bars which added greater functionality and visual appeal to the event. Along with testing out their poker skills and catching up with friends, guests also got to enjoy additional services like our Signature Cocktails. Our Signature Pomegranate Tangerine Margarita was a favorite among this crowd.

It was a fun event to be apart of, and we look forward to working another annual event with you all.

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Originally Posted 1 year ago
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