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Dear Jessica and EventManagementHouston, I wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful service at my parents 50 year anniversary. Drinks and marga...

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First off we want to thank MCA Communications for using our Staffing Services, as well as some of our additional services for their annual trade show event.

Guests seemed to enjoy our Staffing Services, conversing with our friendly bartender staff, while being made quick and delicious drinks at the same time. Most people stayed inside for the trade show that was going on, talking to a variety of different people, and discussing the products/services they were providing.

However, guests still made sure to step outside once in a while, for hotdogs, an Astros game, and our Staffing Services, Pop-up Bar and Signature Drink Services. We really enjoyed being apart of this event. Good atmosphere, great weather, friendly guests; we look forward to working with you guys again sometime.

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Originally Posted 11 months ago
Last updated 10 months ago