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Tailgate Pop-up Bar Services at College Station

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Kicking off the season strong this year with our Tailgate Pop-up Bar Services for ieSmartSystem’s annual A&M tailgating events.

This season’s Tailgate Pop-up Bar Services included custom made A&M pop-up bars. Clients and friends were exited for us to reveal the new pop-up bars, which also doubled as a chalk board to draw/write on, for guests to have a creative and fun experience to share with each other.

Continuing our Tailgate Pop-up Bar Services, we received some pretty heavy rain and wind, but that wasn't enough to stop the party with this crowd. Guests were served cocktails like our Signature Ginger Peach Margarita by our lovely bartenders, as well as tasty Bar Snacks, including Signature Coconut Baked Mixed Nuts and Sueno Tequila infused cookies. For the devoted tailgate partiers, tasty Matli Tequila jello shots were also provided. Away from the bar, family and friends gathered for some food, football, and outdoor games like horseshoe and beanbag toss.

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