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Went really well! Thanks so much for your help and going the extra mile as always!

Tailgating Services at A&M Home Game

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It was so much fun kicking off another season with our Tailgating Services for ieSmartSystems and their clients at the A&M home games.

Included in our Tailgating Services were all the essentials needed to keep the party alive. These home games get really busy, with thousands of people all around in the tailgating area, and I have to say, any guest of our tailgating station is gonna get the best bar service around.

In all the years of doing these Tailgating Services, its always been a treat to work with Gary Don to provide our Pop-up Bar and Staffing services. We love surprising tailgaters with unique Signature Cocktail flavors, and as always, we also make sure to keep these fans stocked up with a large assortment of beers, hard seltzers and staple liquors.

It can get pretty intense at times for the bartenders, with orders coming in every second, but it helps that everyone is so nice. We always have a great time and looking forward to more seasons to come.

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