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Contactless Signature Drink Drop-Off Packages

Contactless Signature Drink Drop-Off Packages

We are now offering Signature Drink Drop-Off packages.

Individual Event Services Management

Event Management Houston offers an Individual Event Services Management option where we will plan, book, and manage services that we specialize in, to include our Signature Pop Up Bar and Signature Catering services. This is the easiest way to make sure you event is a memorable success!

* If you are managing an event yourself and don't require any help with planning, booking, menus, theme, supplies, etc., please feel free to check out our a la carte options. Namely, our Event Staff Only and Deliver, Prep and Go services. We want the best possible solution for our clients. *

Signature Pop Up Bar

EMH has portable bars in sizes ranging from 4’ to 16’. We have different set up and arrangements to suit your specific event area, guest count, and other determining factors. Our bars come with all necessary supplies and tools to offer a fully functioning bar service station. You give us a per guest or overall budget, and we will work within that to create a customized service package for your event. This generally includes things like: a menu of infused spirits, bar snacks, infused candy, cookies, cupcakes, and jello shots, along with lighting or any other necessary accommodations. Please see our list of infusion flavors so that we can create your one-of-a-kind Signature Cocktail.

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EMH will:

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  • decide on the bar set up that we will use, specific to your event.
  • determine quantities for spirits, mixers, garnishes, cups, napkins, and all other supplies for the bar service. We will create a supplies list, and do all the shopping.
  • investigate permits needed for your specific event, and obtain or assist with the process in order to receive all needed permits.
  • work with you to plan a welcome drink or any special toasts.
  • create a cocktail menu.
  • make sure all staff is fully informed of all bar service details.
  • determine how many bartenders, barbacks, & cocktail servers we will need for your event, and will staff the appropriate amount to meet all service expectations.
  • book the best combination of skilled staff for your event's Signature Pop Up Bar service. EMH has 3 bartender levels that are based on the experience and training we require them to have for specific beverage service requirements. All EMH bartenders will have the bar supplies needed for their level, including mixing kit, muddler, beer blade, wine opener, wine buckets, ice buckets, lemon/lime squeezer, ect.
  • manage the entire Signature Pop Up Bar service, including set up, service, and breakdown. We will also be responsible for checking ID’s, and cutting people off, if necessary.

Signature Catering

Event Management Houston provides catering services for all occasions from company breakfast/brunch meetings, company lunch catering, event appetizers, buffet style dinners etc. We have tables, linens, chafing dishes, menu cards, platters, serving utensils, as well as kitchen and service staff.

You give us the theme or type of cuisine, occasion, a per guest or overall budget, and we will work within that to create the custom service package for your event.

EMH will:

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  • work one on one with our experienced chefs to put together a food menu for your event.
  • walk the venue or home and will work with you to determine the best set up for food service.
  • determine all quantities for chafing dishes, platters, serving utensils.
  • provide all sanitary supplies for all catering staff.
  • create the food menu cards for all food items.
  • work with you to determine if there are any guests with specific allergies to create a special meal to fit their needs.
  • make sure all staff is informed of all food details as well as timeline for service.
  • determine how many servers, kitchen crew, and dishwashers will be necessary for your event.
  • arrange any additional rentals needed for food service.
  • provide quality set-up/presentation that will add visual appeal to your event.
  • book all staff. Event Management Houston has trained and certified servers that have food handling certifications and experience. We also have trained kitchen managers, and a set up team that focuses on individualized set up and display. We have different levels of food servers based on the type of service you are looking for. We will choose trained staff specific to your event needs.
  • manage the entire catering service, including set up, service, and breakdown.

All events are insured up to 1 million in basic liability, and a certificate of insurance will be provided upon request. We are based out of Houston and have been providing dependable, quality service to Houston and surrounding areas for more than a decade. We also provide our services outside of the greater Houston area, which include but aren't limited to Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. We look forward to assisting you at your next event.