Party Rentals

We offer a diverse assortment of Party Rentals for the greater Houston and surrounding areas.

We have the Party Rentals you need for just about any occasion, whether it be a wedding, corporate event, family gathering, birthday etc. This includes items such as portable bars, tables, linens, glassware, tents, tableware, projectors and more.

If you see that we don't offer a specific Party Rental that you need, just let us know and we may be able to acquire it for your event. Our Party Rentals pair great with other EMH event services and packages, making us a one stop shop for all your event needs.

Minimum of $100 on rental orders (not including delivery costs)

3 hour minimums on all rental orders

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Bar Rentals

Our custom portable Bar Rentals come in a variety of styles and colors, creating a professional bartending space for friends and family to enjoy. Bar Rentals add functionality and appeal to any event, whether its a wedding, birthday party, corporate gathering, or just about any other occasion. Bar Rentals also pair nicely with our Glassware and Cocktail Table Rental options.

Bar Rentals include: Trash can, liners, ice bucket, ice scoop, ice chest(s), bar towel, custom bar menu, sanitary and bartending supplies.

Set-up is included in all Bar Rentals

+ Details

4.5 ft Abstract Wood Bar: $25 per-hour
Options: black&white
Great for indoor and outdoor use. Features a unique abstract design on the top of each bar rental w/ a simple two toned design on the front and sides.

4.5 ft Standard Wood Bar: $25 per-hour
Options: black & red, black & white, white & natural wood
Great for indoor and outdoor use. Providing a professional looking bar station to accommodate any occasion.

Chair Rentals

If you don't have the necessary seating for your guests, our affordable Chair Rentals will certainly come in handy.

Chair Rental set-up comes at an additional charge.

+ Details

Metal Folding Chairs: $0.68 per-hour
Options: black
Size: 18w” x 18d” x 30h”
These lightweight, double braced chair rentals, are a great solution for just about any indoor or outdoor event where seating is needed. If you want a more elegant look for your event, we recommend using chair covers, which we provide as well.

Chair Cover Rentals

Chair Cover Rentals are a great way to customize and enhance the look of your chairs for your event. Whether you want your chairs to match your event theme or just want a more uniform and elegant look, we can certainly help with that.

Chair Cover Rental set-up comes at an additional charge.

+ Details

Stretch Linen Chair Covers: $0.75 per-hour
Options: white, black
Size: 33h” x 19 1/2w” x 13d”
These stretch linen chair covers are intended to be used w/ our metal folding chairs. These sleek chair cover rentals are a great option if you want to add a little color and style to your folding chairs.

Table Rentals

Whether you need Table Rentals for dining, mingling, catering, drinks, prep or promotions, we can certainly be of assistance. We also offer a variety of linen options for all of our Table Rentals for a more elegant look.

Table Rental set-up comes at an additional charge.

+ Details

6 ft Banquet Tables: $2.75 per-hour
Options: white
Size: 6’L x 2.5’W
These high density polyethylene banquet table rentals work for just about any occasion. Diverse in its use, these tables can be used for dining, catering and much more.

Cocktail Tables (Round): $3 per-hour
Options: Wood (Top)
Size:32” diameter x 42” tall
These durable cocktail table rentals offer an area for your guests to enjoy their food and drinks, while mingling with each other, without taking up a lot of space.

Linen Rentals

Linens Rentals offer a more complete look to any table, whether its for Banquet Tables, Cocktail Tables, etc. Check out our Linen Rental options below to see which ones best fit your needs.

Linen Rental set-up comes at an additional charge.

+ Details

Cocktail Table Stretch Linens: $3.25 per-hour
Options: black, white
These stretch linen rentals will add a sleek and elegant look to your cocktail tables. All stretch linens are stain and wrinkle resistant, which help maintain appeal throughout your event.

6 ft Banquet Table Linens (Floor Length): $2.75 per-hour
Options: black, blue, white
Our floor length table linen rentals are a great choice if you want to add elegance and visual appeal to your tables. Linens make a world of difference when it comes to presentation and style. Floor length linens are great for when you want to store supplies underneath the table without being visible.

6 ft Banquet Table Linens (Mid Length): $2.25 per-hour
Options: black, blue, white
Our mid length table linen rentals are a great choice if you want to add elegance and visual appeal to your tables.

6 ft Banquet Table Stretch Linens: $3 per-hour
Options: black, white
These wrinkle free stretch linen rentals will give your tables a sleek look that ordinary linens cant provide.

Glassware Rentals

Enhance your event with our high quality Glassware Rentals. Never mind the risk of breaking your own glassware, resorting to disposable cups, or having to wash all those glasses at the end of the night. We’ll take care of it for you so you can enjoy your event. Check out our Glassware Rental options below.

Glassware Rental set-up comes at an additional charge.

+ Details

Stemless Wine: $0.24 per-hour
Great option for red and white wine.

Champagne Flute: $0.24 per-hour
Elegant option for toasts or just to keep things classy as your event.

Old Fashion Champagne Flute (Crystal): $0.40 per-hour
Real crystal glasses, which are slightly shorter than the regular champagne flutes.

Collins: $0.24 per-hour
Glass tumbler, generally used to serve mixed drinks, especially Tom Collins or John Collins cocktails.

Rocks glass (Mixed Drinks): $0.24 per-hour
Glass tumbler, used to serve highball cocktails and other mixed drinks.

Martini (Crystal): $0.40 per-hour
Real crystal glass used to serve a variety of cocktails, such as the Martini and its variations.

Shot Glasses (Crystal): $0.40 per-hour
Fancy shot glasses made with real crystal glass

Moscow Mule Mugs: $0.75 per-hour
High quality copper mugs generally used for Moscow mule drinks.

Tableware Rentals

Our Tableware Rentals are a great alternative to disposable tableware, when you want an finer aesthetic for your event and guests. We offer a variety of plates, bowls, and utensils for you to choose from. Utensil orders include a 6 Cylinder Black Bamboo flatware storage/display.

Tableware Rental set-up comes at an additional charge.

+ Details

White 12” Dinner Plates: $0.12 per-hour

White 10” Appetizer Plates: $0.10 per-hour

White 8” Dessert Plates: $0.08 per-hour

White 10oz Soup Bowl: $0.10 per-hour

White 16 oz” Bowl: $0.10 per-hour

Stainless Flatware Salad Fork: $0.05 per-hour

Stainless Flatware Dinner Fork: $0.05 per-hour

Stainless Flatware Dinner Knife: $0.05 per-hour

Polished Stainless Steak Knife: $0.05 per-hour

Polished Stainless Table Spoon: $0.05 per-hour

Tent Rentals

Our Tent Rentals will give you the shade and space you need for you and your guests, protecting you from the harsh sun, wind, and rain. These Tent Rentals work great when combined our portable bar rentals, creating a unique outdoor bar station for your guests to enjoy.

Set up is included in all Tent Rentals.

+ Details

10x10 Canopy Tent: $32 per-hour
Options: White, Black
Great for any outdoor event, such as birthdays, trade shows, fairs, family get-togethers, and promotions. Comes with sand bags, 4 removable zippered sidewalls along with a 24 Square Ft extended awning.

Podium Rentals

Podium Rentals create a comfortable and professional looking space for any event where a speaker is present. Great for corporate events, school events and weddings.

Set-up is included in all Podium Rentals.

+ Details

Wood Podium: $10 per-hour
Options: black
This sleek wood podium is great for any event with a speaker present. Top of podium is slanted so that you can easily view and store any notes, pens or documents you may have.

Media Rentals

Whether its for a corporate meeting or outdoor movie/game night with family and friends our Media Rentals offer an affordable and reliable solution for your next event.

Set-up is included in all Media Rentals.

+ Details

Outdoor Projector Screen: $15 per-hour
Size: 110” across
A quick assembling 16:9 screen, featuring a fully tensioned snap button frame that ensures a flat projection. Pairs great with our Projector Kit.

Projector kit $12 per-hour

This 1500 lumens projector is ideal in dark settings for home entertainment or corporate presentations. It projects a clear image without inflicting the same optical harm as TVs, laptops, and tablets.

Includes: projector table, extension cord(s), speakers, auxiliary cord, HDMI cable

Fan Rentals

Fan Rentals are a great choice if you live in Houston's humid, subtropical climate.

+ Details

2 Speed Drum Fan: $12 per-hour
Options: black&orange
Size: 30in. diameter
This design offers maximum airflow packed in a heavy-duty, yet portable fan. It's tilting fan head offers customized directional airflow. Great for use outdoors, home, or garage.

Includes: extension cord