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IBEW LU 716 100 year anniversary reception

IBEW LU 716 100 year anniversary reception

The event went great! Your staff did a great job! They were ready, attentive and very helpful throughout the evening at both bars. How I found you? I searched online and came up with several companies to contact and basically went through the pricing process. But, after talking to you, I liked your ideas and the positive way you guided me through the best ways to have the bars while still trying to hold the line, so to speak, on the cost.

You went above and beyond to help me with furnishing the bars and adding your professional experience on how the bars should be staffed made it pretty much a no brainer for me. You had me hooked and committed. I know the next time we get ready to do a hospitality room, I'll be calling you. It would be better to see what we can put together rather than me trying to work it, or getting volunteers to work the bar. Your team would be so much better.

Again, thanks for your help, I really do appreciate all you did to make me shine with the event planning. Look forward to hearing from you.

Category: EMH Testimonials
Originally written 2 years ago
by: ibew  localunion